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"Tanglewood Plantation III:Adventure in New Orleans"

Summer has promised her soon to be husband, Guy Mason, that her time travel days are over and she’s determined to keep her word. However, promises fly out the window when Captain Ruiz returns in ghostly form to create chaos in her modern life. What’s a girl to do when her dashing paramour of 1864 shows up in the 21st century asking for help? 
Once more, Summer finds herself in the midst of the Civil War and in more danger than ever; Captain Ruiz is in prison and she must set him free before he is tried and executed! With the help of an imprisoned French prostitute, Lila DePeau, Captain Ruiz, Summer and Lila escape on a seafaring adventure that returns to Buck Key and eventually New Orleans, the Captain’s home town, which is now under occupation by the Federal troops. 
Caught up in the hustle bustle excitement of the occupied French Quarter, Summer unwittingly falls into the mysterious world of Voodoo. This proves a blessing in disguise when she is drawn into a dangerous plot set against her beloved captain by a ruthless Confederate traitor who has conspired with the Yankees to recapture Ruiz. 
Join Summer as she battles her way through another time travel adventure, and where she finds surprising connections to the mysteries surrounding her visits to the past.


Approximately between August 14 - 20


"Tanglewood Plantation II:"
Adventure in the Everglades

Summer Woodfield is off to another time travel adventure when the ghost of the hapless slave, Cherry, returns to haunt her. But Cherry is not alone; she is relentlessly pursued by a gruesome club-bearing figure of a man whose appearance sends chills up Summer's spine. Desperate to help her slave ancestor, Summer follows clues to the Everglades where she accidentally stumbles across the portal to 1864 and the chance to save Cherry.

Together again, Summer and Cherry fight for their lives amidst renegade war deserters, blockade runners, the Seminole tribes, and the big brute of a man who has kidnapped Cherry from Magnolia Plantation. What Summer doesn't expect, is the attraction she feels for the dashing Captain Ruiz, a blockage runner who rescues her and Cherry from the sea When their skiff overturns in a storm.


"Broken Chords"

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At the end of the nineteenth century, seventeen-year-old Hannah McCade is in love with the handsome rascal, Clive Wilson. All she wants is a wedding ring and a cabin in the Tennessee hills, but life takes a sharp detour when she becomes pregnant and Clive abandons her to seek his fortune.

Hannah's mother, Sally McCade, middle-aged, unhappy and desperate, is about to do the unthinkable; abandon her husband, children and home to follow her dreams. She boards a train and disappears into the night, leaving her family behind.

Two women, mother and daughter, follow separate paths that will converge a decade later on the lonely Wyoming prairie where Sally has taken up homesteading and where Hannah hopes to mend the broken chords of the family.

Broken Chords is a gripping factual-based tale of romance, murder, intrigue and homesteading on the western prairie in the spirit of young, and old, American women.


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Tanglewood Plantation

"A Haunting Good Read!"
says the Island Sun News of Sanibel Florida

Cover by Annie McCoy

Chicagoan, Summer Woodfield, is in for the surprise of her life when she inherits the family estate, an antebellum rice plantation in Georgia. Not only is the old plantation in ruin, but comes with a cast of characters--characters long dead!
The discovery of antiquated love letters stored inside a trunk in the attic, sparks uncontrollable curiosity-- especially a purposely placed thumbprint on one of the letters. When Summer touches the print, she is inadvertently whisked back in time to the Civil War, not as the mistress of the manor as she dreams to be in the 21st century, but as a slave on her own plantation!  Trapped in the clutches of a devastating war as a servant to her ancestors, she discovers the forbidden secret of her inheritance, while a love lost in the passage of time is rekindled...a love that holds her hostage between the past and the present.

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Tanglewood Plantation

The Island Sun
Sanibel, Florida


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